Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

Kasi ist still fine, but I´ll keep an eye on him...
Tomorrow my nose will be having a hard day...we´re going to "Aus Liebe zum Duft" in Bruchsal!!
I already have written down all the perumes I want to test...more than 50, but that´ll be way too much for poor nosey ;o) . I´ll have to pick about 20. I´m curious about these Oud-scents and I need something fruity. All I have is dark, woody and musky. I even use my old Yves Rocher Pear EdT at the moment. It still smells good though.
Althugh the weather is not very spring- and fruity -like. We had 7°C this morning. Freeeeeeeezing!!!

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