Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

3 Rabbits

Since I am waiting for my new camera, here are some older pictures of my rabbits that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Gerri was my first rabbit ever, a few years ago. I got him from the local shelter. He was handicapped, his hind legs were stiff and he could not jump.
He was a cutie and he loved to cuddle. Unfortunately he died quite young. Since he also had 6 claws on each foreleg and he had no testicles the vet and I think that his handicaps were not limited to his legs but also to his whole body. Poor baby Gerri, but he was a happy little guy and I love him :o)

Daisy was a "present" from a collegue because her son of 6 years did not want her anymore. I was looking for a partner for Gerri and so I took Daisy.
She was very aggressive.
She always was a little asymmetric in her face (which you might see in the picture), but since I could not touch her without her growling and biting I decided to leave her alone and that worked fine. After a few weeks she came to me and I was even able to pet her. We were on the way to become friends.
But the asymmetry of her face turned out to be an abcess of her teeth and when it turned really big over night I already had set up an operation date on Monday, but she died very fast, on Sunday.
I think Daisy was happy to spend her last weeks with us, she and Gerri liked each other. She was not alone and unwanted anymore.

Well, Lucille was really special, too. I got her and Kasi together from a private shelter.
She was a beautiful colored red Rex and we always called her "cangaroo" because she looked like one and she was a real kickboxer. She was very, very greedy and very, very nosy. She was not the typical timid rabbit people think of. Lucille was a little over 2kg and she was very strong and could jump real high which caused problems as she always managed to get into the kitchen somehow. (Our rabbits don´t live in cages, they share a part of the apartment with us, just like cats do)
Lucille died of an abcess, too. Something called actinomycete (ray fungus), but it it not a fungus, it is a bacterial (?) infection that spreads abcesses around the body.
I spent many hours at the vet with her, one time during an operation she decided to die. She just did not breathe anymore. I was so shocked (I was in the OP room), but the doctor managed to wake her up again.
But sadly, she had to be euthanized after the next OP for with this kind of infection a cure is not possible. She was 3 years old.

After Lucille´s death I was so sad to have lost 3 animals in 2-3 years, I had actually decided to give Kasi away, but fortunatelly I did not. rabbits can make you so happy. They can also be a pest, but most of the time they are just wonderful companions.

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