Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

The Body Shop Sale - Haul

I love the Body Shop sales and always use them to stock up my products.

Also this month I had to spend my 10€ - Birthday gift from the Love your Body card.

This time I was actually looking for fruity things, but I ended up with buying mostly Spa wisdom products which I have never tried before.

200ml Spa Wisdom Africa Shea Butter and Sesame Oil Body Balm
50ml Spa Wisdom Hydrating Puree
50ml Spa Widom Dreamboat Milk Bath
50ml Olive Glossing Conditioner
50ml Shea Butter Shower Cream

I only spent about 13€ on these products.
I haven´t tried them yet because I think they are better for the fall/winter season and at the moment it is too hot.


  1. did you buy them online? I love The Body Shop, too, but it's too far from me!

  2. No, we have two Body Shops in town, luckily. And one Lush ;o)
    I live in a rather small town with less than 300000 people.

    Do they have an Italian online shop?

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