Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

I won! - Number 2 :o)

Recently I have been quite lucky in winning things from blog giveaways or other raffles.

The prize I received first (a few weeks ago), which arrived really fast, is this cosmetics set from Rival de Loup which I won on a giveaway from Rival de Loop and and Frau Shopping on Facebook.

  • Mineralpuder Duo 02 Natural Sun
  • Lip Colour&Shine03
  • Shine&Care Gloss 04
  • Eyeshadow Pencil 06 Magic Green
  • Waterproof Mascara 01 black
  • Eyeshadow04 Hot Chocolate
  • Express Colour Nagellack 19 royal blue --> You can see a swatch here
  • Express Colour Nagellack 12 warm coral

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  1. aww... lucky you!
    I never win anything. I just won a giveaway a month ago, but I haven't received the prize yet.


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