Dienstag, 24. August 2010

I "won"! - Number 3 :o)

Another two packags arrived at my house:
A huge package of...noodles ;) from Birkel.
Also I can take part in testing nose strips to make breathing easier.

Trnd is a marketing community and they currently are having a project whith Birkel and BesserAtmen ("BetterBreathing").

Birkel - Pasta im Kochbeutel

Birkel´s new product is "boil-in-the-pack - noodles".

As someone who doesn´t normally even cook rice in packs I was a bit sceptical, but the noodles convinced me.

First of all, they don´t contain eggs, as I´m used from Birkel. I prefer pasta without eggs since most of the eggs that are used as ingredients are from battery chickens.

And second, they simply taste good.

Third: They are ready really fast - 3 minutes - and I often eat them in the evening when I don´t want to spend much time in the kitchen.

One package contains only 80g which is the daily recommended amount referring to experts, says Birkel. When I finish eating, I do want more, but when I´m being honest to myself, I think that the portion is big enough.


Besser Atmen Nasenstrips

The nose patches are supposed to make breathing easier when you have a stuffy nose.
They can also help against snoring, especially when you have allergies.
I haven´t tried them yet because there was no need to use them, but I´ve heard and read a lot of positive reactions on the  and I am curious how tey will work when I have my next cold.

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