Montag, 30. August 2010

Manhattan * Spice up your Nails LE * 610K

Hmmm....this should be purple. I don´t know how it looks on your screen but on mine it looks like blue. But it actually is a rich plum purple, like here, just a little darker and very shiny.
Maybe my scree is not purple-compatible ;o)

But let´s talk about the texture of the polish: It is thick and therefore very nice to apply. One coat is enough and it dries quite fast.

The only thing I don´t like is the shape of the brush. It is not perfectly round, it is somehow angled which makes it harder to paint the curve of the nails, as you might see in the second picture. It´s even a little worse on the right hand.

I am curious how the "real" blue polish will look in the pictures ;o)


  1. Purples can be hard to photograph. I haven't seen this collection here yet.

  2. It is new here in August and September. I don´t know when it will come to Slovenia ;)

  3. Ich hoffe es ist okay, dass ich auf Deutsch schreibe.. (bevor ich mich kläglich versuche xD)

    Ich wollt mich für deine Unterstützung auf bedanken♥


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