Freitag, 27. August 2010

My newest Lush Order



Some friends I know from the Lush forum and I order new products in the UK once in a while because when we share the postage fee we save a lot of money. Especially because we live in the same city. Lush Germany is so much more expensive than Lush UK!!

This time I ordered a few well-known and new things:

  • Potion Lotion
    • I love its smell! It´s carnation, rose and tangerine, but mostly carnation. Potion is one of the Retro products you cannot buy in the stores but only online. It contains almond oil and cocoa butter to moisturize skin.
  • Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic
    • The yellow ballistic is one of the new products this summer. LUSH says: "Start baths off with a BANG! Fizzbanger is the sharp apple-scented ballistic that crackles like burning embers." I haven´t tried it but I love its fresh and tangy smell.
  • Veganese Conditioner
    • One of my favorite products. Veganese is a very light conditioner with lemon, lavender and rosemary which is great for hair that gets greasy quickly. It makes my hair smooth but not heavy. Too bad it doesn´t smell like lavender. I would like it even more then.
  • Chameleon Bath Ballistic
    • I only bought it because it is cute ;) It was a UK special in August to help the Animal Protection Agency (a European organisation focused on ceasing the trade in wild animals as pets) that says: Reptiles are wild animals, not pets. I think I will never use it. Although, according to LUSH,  "it will magically turn the water in your tub from green to pink to purple to blue". But it really is too pretty to be used, and it glitters ;)  (It is sold out already)
  •  Twilight Bath Ballistic
    • Another novelty, and like Fizzbanger part of the new "The Art of Bathing" Ballistics which are not only ballistics that dissolve in your bath tub and make the water scented and colored. Each of them has an additional highlight: Twilight is glittery (yeah!) and it changes its color from pink to blue, just like the sun is setting. I DID NOT BUY IT BECAUSE OF ANY VAMPIRE ASSOCIATION IN MY MIND!  :o)

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