Samstag, 4. September 2010

Catrice - I sea You!

This is my first planned post, I hope it works :)

You might have seen this on several other blogs before, but I just had to have this color! And I love it! It´s a turquoise green that reminds me of the Carribean Sea. Not that I have ever been there ;)

I thought that I´m not able to get Catrice because I did not know where I could buy it. But now they have the Catrice collection in every Douglas store. It´s not easy to find because it is a small display.

It is "normal" to apply, quite thick and it has been staying on my nails without chipping for several days now. Although I never use a base or top coat. I applied one coat.

For a lacquer that costs 2,50€ that´s quite an achievement.

I also bought "Sold out forever", the other, lighter green from Catrice, but haven´t tried it yet. There are so many colors I´ll have to swatch and review... :o)


  1. i really like this color! :) uff, here in Italy there isn't Catrice, only Essence...

  2. I hope we will get Catrice in Douglas stores here in Italy, too...
    Glad to see you can apply yours well. Maybe mine is quite odd :)


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