Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

Heymountain Haul

This is developing to a new adicction ;)
I ordered some of the Christmas bathing items and a Christmas Soap and also a face mask.

 Evergreen Soap ° Weihnachtsbaderei ° Sprudelatius ° Cherries, Strawberries and an Angel´s Kiss ° I saw Santa rockin´... ° Angelface Face Mask

The Heymountain products have a very strong scent, but without the typical "LUSH"-undertone. So if you like the idea of LUSH, and you don´t like the smell - try Heymountain!

I´ll write a review when I have tried one of the products.
Kasi likes them :o)


  1. hi
    nice blog!
    maybe you'll pass by mine and follow it too?


  2. hey hey,
    du hast mein gewinnspiel gewonnen (http://beautywithlittlesheep.blogspot.com/2010/10/wer-ist-wohl-die-gluckliche.html). bitte schreib mir deine anschrift, damit ich dir den preis zu senden kann


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