Montag, 15. November 2010

Good for Stomach and Skin: Heilerde - Healing Earth

I am sick today, it´a cold with headache and muscle pain, so I chose this post for today ;)

Heilerde/Healing Earth is a favorite product of mine.

Healing Earth is loess/loam. It´s made of naturally powdered special rocks and it is very fertile if used for plants.

It consists of: (  thanks, and the Luvos homepage ;)  )
  • Silikat (silicate)  42 %
  • Kalkspat (calcite) 19 %
  • Dreischichttonminerale (clay minerals) 16 %
  • Feldspat (feldspar) 16 %
  • Dolomit (dolomite) 4 %

...and it contains many minerals and microelements like calcium, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, and others.

There are 2 ways of using it: internally and externally.

I bought it for internal use, since I had some problems with ma stomach. It was probably because of coffee. I don´t drink coffee anymore, and now I´m fine.
It has no specific taste, it just feels a little sandy between your teeth ;)

I like to make face masks with it: Just mix a little of the powder with a very little bit of water. Don´t use too much water, it will be too liquid! Healing Earth is good for oily skin. It takes the sebum away and clears the skin.

I just read that you can also use it -dry- for sunburn, wounds and itchy skin.
Also rheuma and muscle pain can be treated with a compress with Healing Earth and water due to better blood circulation.

I personally like to pour a small amount of the powder in my bathing water, in addition to the usual bathing products. I don´t know if it helps, but it certainly doesn´t do harm.


  1. I have already considered this - I wanted to start drinking it, but I have some doubts... How does it taste like? Some were reporting about headaches while using it, so I don't know...

    But I love it for external use so far :)

  2. @Biba: It has almost no taste. It does not dissolve in water, so it feels a little sandy when you drink it, but it does not taste bitter, salty or sour.
    I have not had a headache from it.
    Maybe you can try a small glass of ice cold water with a small amount of the powder first.
    Tell me how you like it ;)


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