Samstag, 13. November 2010

Very sad ;-(

Something very sad and terrible happened this night: In our local zoo there was a huge fire. All the "pet" animals, like ponies, goats, and donkeys died. There are 26 dead animals. Their neighbors, hippos and elephants, could be saved.
I often walked over a bridge which is close to their enclosure and watched them. Hoofed animals are my favorites, especially goats. Now all of them are dead. This is so sad ;-((((


  1. This is indeed very sad :(
    Hopefully their souls find rest.

  2. it's such a terrible thing! Was it a "natural" fire or by a evil man?? :(

  3. Poor animals, this makes me really sad!

    Alice: They don't know yet.

  4. This is really sad... Poor animals! :(

  5. Thank you all for commenting :)
    @Alice: as Dunja said, they don´t know yet. Could be a cigarette, or from the hay that was stocked in there. Or something else :(
    @CookingChinchillas: I´m sure they will.


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