Montag, 30. August 2010

Manhattan * Spice up your Nails LE * 610K

Hmmm....this should be purple. I don´t know how it looks on your screen but on mine it looks like blue. But it actually is a rich plum purple, like here, just a little darker and very shiny.
Maybe my scree is not purple-compatible ;o)

But let´s talk about the texture of the polish: It is thick and therefore very nice to apply. One coat is enough and it dries quite fast.

The only thing I don´t like is the shape of the brush. It is not perfectly round, it is somehow angled which makes it harder to paint the curve of the nails, as you might see in the second picture. It´s even a little worse on the right hand.

I am curious how the "real" blue polish will look in the pictures ;o)

Freitag, 27. August 2010

My newest Lush Order



Some friends I know from the Lush forum and I order new products in the UK once in a while because when we share the postage fee we save a lot of money. Especially because we live in the same city. Lush Germany is so much more expensive than Lush UK!!

This time I ordered a few well-known and new things:

  • Potion Lotion
    • I love its smell! It´s carnation, rose and tangerine, but mostly carnation. Potion is one of the Retro products you cannot buy in the stores but only online. It contains almond oil and cocoa butter to moisturize skin.
  • Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic
    • The yellow ballistic is one of the new products this summer. LUSH says: "Start baths off with a BANG! Fizzbanger is the sharp apple-scented ballistic that crackles like burning embers." I haven´t tried it but I love its fresh and tangy smell.
  • Veganese Conditioner
    • One of my favorite products. Veganese is a very light conditioner with lemon, lavender and rosemary which is great for hair that gets greasy quickly. It makes my hair smooth but not heavy. Too bad it doesn´t smell like lavender. I would like it even more then.
  • Chameleon Bath Ballistic
    • I only bought it because it is cute ;) It was a UK special in August to help the Animal Protection Agency (a European organisation focused on ceasing the trade in wild animals as pets) that says: Reptiles are wild animals, not pets. I think I will never use it. Although, according to LUSH,  "it will magically turn the water in your tub from green to pink to purple to blue". But it really is too pretty to be used, and it glitters ;)  (It is sold out already)
  •  Twilight Bath Ballistic
    • Another novelty, and like Fizzbanger part of the new "The Art of Bathing" Ballistics which are not only ballistics that dissolve in your bath tub and make the water scented and colored. Each of them has an additional highlight: Twilight is glittery (yeah!) and it changes its color from pink to blue, just like the sun is setting. I DID NOT BUY IT BECAUSE OF ANY VAMPIRE ASSOCIATION IN MY MIND!  :o)

Dienstag, 24. August 2010

I "won"! - Number 3 :o)

Another two packags arrived at my house:
A huge package of...noodles ;) from Birkel.
Also I can take part in testing nose strips to make breathing easier.

Trnd is a marketing community and they currently are having a project whith Birkel and BesserAtmen ("BetterBreathing").

Birkel - Pasta im Kochbeutel

Birkel´s new product is "boil-in-the-pack - noodles".

As someone who doesn´t normally even cook rice in packs I was a bit sceptical, but the noodles convinced me.

First of all, they don´t contain eggs, as I´m used from Birkel. I prefer pasta without eggs since most of the eggs that are used as ingredients are from battery chickens.

And second, they simply taste good.

Third: They are ready really fast - 3 minutes - and I often eat them in the evening when I don´t want to spend much time in the kitchen.

One package contains only 80g which is the daily recommended amount referring to experts, says Birkel. When I finish eating, I do want more, but when I´m being honest to myself, I think that the portion is big enough.


Besser Atmen Nasenstrips

The nose patches are supposed to make breathing easier when you have a stuffy nose.
They can also help against snoring, especially when you have allergies.
I haven´t tried them yet because there was no need to use them, but I´ve heard and read a lot of positive reactions on the  and I am curious how tey will work when I have my next cold.

Montag, 23. August 2010

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

P2 Color Victim 208 * Rich & Royal

I bought this polish a few months ago for under 2€ and it´s the first time I wear it.

Application was very easy, as you might see. The P2 brush seems to be a good one, at least for me.

After 4 days the polish is still not chipped anywhere. I used 2 coats.

The color is quite undefinable. There are some grey, some taupe and some lilac/purple tones in it. There´s no shimmer in it.
On the picture above it is slightly brighter than in natural light. I think the camera used its flash. (I don´t remember, it was yesterday ;o)  )
I like the color. It looks - the name says it - elegant on my short nails and it fits to jeans, black clothes, purple clothes and even to chocolate brown, which I am wearing today.

On my research to this post I found different comments about this polish and its similarity to OPI´s "You don´t know Jacques" and to Chanel´s "Particuliere". I own none of both so I cannot compare them. I think Particuliere is mor brown than Rich & Royal.

What do you think?

Montag, 16. August 2010

Manhattan * Spice up your Nails LE

picture: from Manhattan Cosmetics

I went to Rossmann on Saturday and this collection of nail polishes caught my eye: I love all of them!!
I think I´m going to buy at least the blue, purple and grey one. And maybe one of the pink/mauve ones.
For 2,95€ each they are affordable.

In the collection there are 6 different colors, one mat top coat, one glitter polish I think, flower stickers and metallic chains stickers

One Day in France - mini haul

Can you spot the cosmetics article?  ;o)

Well, actually I intended to spend really much money in Strasbourg.
We went there for a day and we came back with only the items you can see in the picture.

And where did my husband decide to have lunch? In a Yufka Fast Food Restaurant. ;o)
But anyway, food is a good thing to spend your money on, as you can see.

I just didn´t find any special shoes, clothes or cosmetics items I liked very much AND that is much cheaper in France than in Germany.

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

I won! - Number 2 :o)

Recently I have been quite lucky in winning things from blog giveaways or other raffles.

The prize I received first (a few weeks ago), which arrived really fast, is this cosmetics set from Rival de Loup which I won on a giveaway from Rival de Loop and and Frau Shopping on Facebook.

  • Mineralpuder Duo 02 Natural Sun
  • Lip Colour&Shine03
  • Shine&Care Gloss 04
  • Eyeshadow Pencil 06 Magic Green
  • Waterproof Mascara 01 black
  • Eyeshadow04 Hot Chocolate
  • Express Colour Nagellack 19 royal blue --> You can see a swatch here
  • Express Colour Nagellack 12 warm coral

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Essence Multi Dimension 55 Spot On

My nail make up this week is from Essence. It´s "Essence Multi DSDimension 3 in 1 with XXXL Shine, No. 55 Spot On "
3 in 1 means that the nail polish is ultra elastic, long lasting, and moisturizing.

Applying it was quite easy, and it only needed one coat. Although for the picture, I did 3 coats.
After 3 days it still does not show any flaws on my left hand, which is pretty good for a cheap nail polish that costs less than 2€. The only thing I did not like is that the 3 coats took really long to dry, more than 20 minutes.

The color is a restrained mauve tone with no shimmer. It fits my skin tone and my dark hair and it is a perfect color to wear with jeans.

Montag, 9. August 2010

Kishan (Guinea Pig)

This is Kishan, one of my 2 Guinea Pigs. Finally I am able to make good and cute pictures. :o)

Poor Kishan has probably jammed his foot, it was swollen and hard. So I went to the vet and now Kishan has this bandage you can see in the picture.

Kishan is 3 1/2 years old and I got him from the Meerschweinchenhilfe, a Guinea Pig helping- and  placement association.

Freitag, 6. August 2010

Rival de Loop 016 - Royal Blue

This polish has a pretty color, although I would not have bought it because I´m still looking for matte blues.
(I won the polish.)

I found it a little hard to apply because of the small brush. Naturally the brush is small, because the polish bottle is a mini size.

Also the coats dry very fast and so it was not easy to get a good result. I applied 2 coats.

And third, the polish shows little bubbles on my fingers. I don´t know why this happens, if it is the polish or my fingers.

Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

My 5 favorite summer items

  • The Body Shop Ice Blue Shampoo 
    • A fresh minty blue shampoo
  • Lush Slammer Shower Gel
    • A very lemony very orange colored shower gel which really wakes you up and refreshes on hot days
  • Lush Veganese Condtioner
    • The ideal conditioner for my fine and oily hair - light,  fresh, vegan
  • Penaten Baby Powder
    • Insider tip against sweating. Perfumed body powder is also available from Lush and The Body Shop.
    • Alverde getönte Tagescreme
      • Tinted Day Cream for my summer face. In the winter it is too dark for me, but perfect in the summer.

    Montag, 2. August 2010

    I won - Number 1 :o)

    On Being Tazim´s Blog (30 Days, 30 Giveaways), I won this lovely Silver Rose cuff bracelet made by Michelle from Lovegrant

    It even fits my thin wrist. Its size is changeable.
    I like it very much and I´m happy to be the lucky winner!

    Thank you :o)