Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

My Favorite Winter Products

Since it is still cold and it snowed last week for a couple hours, here is a list of my favorite products for the cold weather:

  • The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Scrub
    • nice peeling and care, and wonderful scent
  • Lush Snowcake Shower Gel
    • was a special last year, scented like the soap (marcipan)
  • Lush Taai Taai Shower Gel 
    • cinnamon warms the skin
  • Alverde Winterdusche Schokolade & Nanaminze 
    • chocolate and mint shower gel
  • Lush Sexy Boy Massage Bar
    • spicy white chocolate smell that stays for hours and hours
  • The Body Shop Cranberry Lip Balm
    • fruity taste and shimmering care, slight red shine for the lips
  • The Body Shop Rich Plum Shimmering Foam Bath
    • shimmering bath for winter nights

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