Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Mini Haul on a sunny Saturday

I went on a small shopping tour today and bought several things at the local DM where I discovered the new Alverde LE "Mineral Fantasies".

 I bought one of the three concealers, the red one against "Tiredness" and purple-blue shadows, especially for my under-eye-shadows which are very, very purple ;-)
The other two concealers are yellow and green against green-blue shadows and against red shadows and stains.
I think I´ll have to have the concealer brush, too.

Also I bought a new detergent, noodles and a green limited edition toilet paper with flowers on it. :-)

Then I went to the Second Hand Store and bought this book. A thriller, of course! It plays in South Africa.
Anybody know the author?

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