Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Used up products in March and April

I emptied many products in the last two months, especially winter products:
  • Lush Fairy Jasmine Ballistic
  • Lush Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bath
  • Lush Catastrophy Cosmetics Face Mask
  • Lush Hot Toddy Bubble Bar
  • Lush Coco Lotion sample
  • Lush Almond & Coconut Smoothie sample
  • Kamill Handcreme sample
  • Heymountain Voll Normal Hautcreme sample
  • Heymountain Hot Chocolate
    • nice, but it was already too old. These things should be used when they are fresh 

  • Litamin Lila Laune Schaumbad
    • smells good
  • large sample of Lush Retread Conditioner
    • It´s OK, but not the real thing for my hair
  • sample: Martina Gebhardt Melisse Creme
    • I love it. I think I´ll buy this some day
  • Alterra Lip Balm Kamille
    • a good lip balm
  • Dresdner Essenz Atemfrei-Bad
    • really great scent and color
  • L´Oreal ElVital Shampoo
    • I got it from being a test person for L´Oreal
  • Rossmann Rosen-Handcreme
    • I like roses
  • Kneipp Aromabad Roter Mohn-Hanf
    • very nice scent and red color
  • Alverde Toothpaste Nana-Minze
    • interesting tast that at first I didn´t like, but now I do

One product I used up from my "Killing Cosmetics" - project:


  1. wow, you're so good at finishing products! I'm really bad at this. I can't find product I love so much that I finish without buying something new! :)

  2. @theallamenta: Yes, it is very hard ;-)
    I have to force myself to not buy new products ;-)


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