Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

A Hot Day in the City - Haul

It was sooo hot yesterday and today, it must have been more than 35°C. A great weather on a day off from work :-)
I took the chance and went shopping a little.
I bought two shirts for 15€ and I shopped at Lush, The Body Shop, Douglas, Nici, Alnatura, DM, ... .
I ate a yummy piece of vegan spelt (Dinkel ;-) ) cherry cake at Alnatura. I like Alnatura.

But let me show you what I bought today:
As you might know, the Body Shop has a sale at the moment.

I remembered to renew my "Love your Body" member card and get my birthday present. You pay 10€ a year and in your birthday month you can "buy" something for the 10€. Everything you buy during the year is 10% off and there are special offers for members.
I chose a reduced mineral eyeshadow, Nature´s Minerals 01 Platinum Shimmer (5€), a special size Moringa Foaming Bath (400ml) for 8€ and I got a sample size of the Mango Body Butter.

The Body Shop Platinum Shimmer eyeshadow

At Lush I got a Cupcake mask and a sample of "Charlotte Island" (Thank you :-) ) and I bought the peeling "Glorious Mud". Look what happened to it after taking the picture when I wanted to put it back into the paper bag ;-)

I also went to Douglas because I read on another blog that they had several reduced OPI lacquers.
There were only glitter polishes. I bought two bottles for 8€ each.

I bought " Simmer & Shimmer" and "Glow up already!" from the Burlesque Collection.

Last but not least let me show you the rest of my haul:

The little werewolf is from Nici and will be my new keychain so that I can find my keys in my bags easier.

I hope the weather will stay that way because I´ll have Friday off, too ;-)


  1. Ja, heute war es sooo heiß! Ist mir schon wieder zu arg ;-) Aber schöne Ausbeute hast du da! Und freut mich, dass du noch reduzierte OPI Nagellacke gefunden hast, die dir gefallen :-)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :)

    ich liebe Lush! <3 Schreibst du was zu den Sachen? :) Würd mich freuen!

  3. Ich mag es so warm. 8-) Leider wird es ab Morgen einiges kühler. :(

    Das mit dem Sale bei Bodyshop hab ich irgendwie verpennt, ich hoffe ich schaff es diese Woche noch da hin.

  4. 8) warum eigentlich english? zu hüüüülf

  5. OPI ist reduziert?! Waaaah - Bis später! :D
    Der Lidschatten ist hübsch und dein Schlüsselanhänger sind echt hübsch ^-^
    Irgendwie sind alle Sachen cool.. Warum gibt es bei uns kein Lush und the Body Shop..? :(


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