Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

My favorite Perfumes [Tag]


I found this link on several German blogs and CookingChinchillas translated it into English. I decided to take the tag from her.


How many Perfumes do you own right now?
I don´t own many large perfume bottles, maybe 5-8, instead I have many many samples, and several cream perfumes from Lush. 

Expensive or cheap perfume?
I prefer expensive ones because they are more special

Do you buy your perfumes yourself, or do you get Perfume gifts?
I buy them myself most of the time

Do you still remember your first perfume?If yes,which one was it?
I think it was from Oilily. I also had "My Melody Dreams" and "Naf Naf", the typical chidren´s perfumes. I still keep them in my room in my parents´ house.

What is your current favorite perfume?
"Sa Majeste La Rose" by Serge Lutens and "Loukhoum" by Keiko Mecheri

Which perfume you don't like to smell?
I don´t know. But I don´t like Amber very much, at least on my skin.
 I think I don´t like Jil Sander Sun.

The ideal Spring/Summer scent?
"Vanille Banane" by L ´Artisan Parfumeur

The ideal Fall/Winter scent?
anything with Patchouli

Do you choose perfumes by yourself, or does anybody (spouse/partner) help you?
I choose them by myself.

A walking cloud of perfume or a subtle scented person?
subtle :o)

A fairy appears and she wants you to create a perfect scent, what would it be?
roses, wood, jasmine

Do you use all your perfumes regularly or do some bottles accumulate dust?
I don´t use perfume every day. I try to use them before they get bad, though.

Do you collect perfume samples?
Oh yes! I love samples! I have many of them.


I am currently working on a review of some perfumes that I have in larger sizes.

I tag everyone :-)


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