Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Way too many lip glosses - it´s time to use them!

I noticed that I have too many lip glosses and I never used them. I bought them, won them, they were gifts...
So I decided to finally use them. I don´t really need a lip balm, especially in the summer, and instead of applying a lip balm I can use a lip gloss and add some color to my lips.

Here´s the list:

  • Rival de Loop Shine & Care 04
  • Rival de Loop Lip Colour & Shine 03
  • Alterra 02 Terra
  • Max Factor Silk Gloss Strawberry Frost
  • Essence XXXL Shine 12 Soulmate
  • Essence Wild Berry Sorbet
  • Essence ? (pale rose shimmer shade)
  • Black Onyx Lip Shine Gold
  • Wet n`wild Mega Shiny
  • B Never Blue Tooth

B Never Blue Tooth and Brill are special Glosses. they are from B Never, a company associated with Lush that doesn´t exist anymore. Their products came in these little boxes. Blue Tooth has an orange taste and Brill has a rose taste. They both have glitter.

I will start with the B Never glosses, the rose Essence one and the one from Max Factor. It´ll probably take 10 years ;o)


  1. Lovely collection dear.I really like RdL,but sadly it's not available here.
    But we have quite a similar taste with gloss-colors :)


  2. Those B Never boxes are super cute!

  3. Das nenne ich mal ne umfangreiche Sammlung ;-)

    Wegen des reduzierten OPI Nagellackes: Den hab ich im Douglas im ECE-Center gekauft :-)

    Liebe Grüße


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